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      I am an emacs user beacuse I love the experience of using emacs. I’ve tried other editors and IDEs and I feel like they just don’t understand what it means to edit text. But I really wish it would get a rewrite. It’s just a total bloated mess that cannot handle all of the things it wants to be well enough. But it’ll almost never be worth it unless someone does it as a complete labor of love.

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          Maybe my phrasing was wrong, but what I like about emacs is it supports all of these different file formats (tex, org, programming languages, text) and it still feels consistent. Having used IntelliJ, I’ve found that while it has plugins for a whole bunch of file formats, they feel to me like it’s really not any better than just using a different editor for each file format. In emacs I feel that I can jump between buffers of completely different types with different major modes but it isn’t jaring. But I’ve been using emacs for awhile so maybe I’m just used to it.

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          I use emacs as well, and what I like about it is the model. I wish that more applications I used were designed around domain-specific language primitives and compositional operators. I am not crazy about elisp or the giant pile of slop I’ve been carrying around for twenty some years, but I am so much more productive in Emacs than in any other environment that I yearn for the things that I love when I’m using e.g. a web browser.