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    You really shouldn’t be installing untrusted dangerous software. This trusted approved software wants to know your location always. Allow/Decline?

    This. So very much this. Particularly on the PC, indie software now is disparaged as untrustworthy but is more intrinsically trustworthy since it’s driven by developer ego and reputation; ostensibly trusted software can be trusted to be abusive because that’s the business model.

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      Yeah it’s a rant but not as a pejorative. I think it’s legit popup exhaustion and leaking concerns. I wrote a similar-ish post recently: Your 1% A/B Testing is 100% To Me

      The real meat of it is this:

      If I am 1% sampled 100 times, I experience 100% random sampling because I’m using 100 services.

      The incentive comes from metrics, dashboards, gradient following and no one representing the users or user experience. But most of all, to them it’s just their popups. But we all experience popups and nags from many services in this digital world.

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        I’m unsure how substantial a nitpick this is, but I place the odds of dodging 1% random sampling 100 times as 0.99^100, about 36%.

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          The numbers are made up. I should have bolded the sentence containing “cute”. I should just change it to X and Y. The idea I’m trying to get at is: an company sees everything from their perspective so they manage (hopefully) popup and interruption but don’t think of the world. A company probably isn’t going to annoy me with 100 prompts but this is what I experience because I’m an Internet citizen (or whatever, not trying to be dramatic).

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            Substantial. AB testing doesn’t much hurt.

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          Also, they are partnering with trusted friends Amazon for bringing Android apps to the Microsoft Store. That just gives me all sorts of warm and fuzzy creeps. I like the feature of being able to run Android apps. Great! Cool! But Amazon?

          I know that Microsoft has been uh-, rather burnt by the experience of going it alone on mobile but I really hope this is just for bootstrapping. It wouldn’t be all that difficult for a Android developer to publish their existing app on a new Microsoft Android Store as well if it came to exist.