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    So now we both Alpine and Void Linux on libressl, have any other distributions switched as well?

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      Void uses it as well.

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          There is a good write-up (from 2014) of the problems replacing openssl with libressl…

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        Excited to see this! There is a thread over on node.js in which more and more Linux distros are throwing in weight behind LibreSSL. Hopefully the ability to build against !OpenSSL comes back soon!

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          YEAH! My other favorite Linux distro has switched to libressl too :)

          Void and Alpine are the only distros that work for me.

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            I really enjoyed using Void. As the -musl branch matures, I look forward to using it again.

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              Void is my goto get-things-done distro. I’m constantly impressed with the variation and sheer number of packages they have in the main repository.

              Alpine is the best suckless distro in my opinion, and is currently my main driver for my laptop (until OpenBSD adds the intel dri support for it).

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            How easy is it for non-rolling-release operating systems to use LibreSSL? With LibreSSL releases every 6 months won’t it be a nightmare for, eg, FreeBSD, Debian or RHEL, to switch to it unless they backport fixes to the version they shipped in their stable release (which is a 0-day waiting to happen)?

            I’d be curious to know how Apple does it - or do they not care about releasing a new version of LibreSSL in a point release patch (I haven’t checked). Hmm.