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    For being the default server, there does seem to be a lot of boilerplate config you still needs in the httpd config file. Why does one need to redefine the MIME types, are they not in there by default?

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      Sometimes, the built-in media types are enough: text/css, text/html, text/plain, image/gif, image/png, image/jpeg, image/svg+xml, and application/javascript

      In addition, I merged the following lists:

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      I never use the default server. A 404 or 500 is just about right.

      The reason is: I don’t want somebody figuring out what the webserver is just by connecting to it by ip address.

      A plain default and virtual domains solves this.

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        I like replying with an error when the Host is the IP e.g.

        The default http server will redirect to the default https server e.g.

        The TLS certificate offered will be the first one listed in relayd and it won’t match. If the certificate is accepted, it will 404 error because the document root /var/www/htdocs/ does not exist.

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          When/why is relayd necessary?

          I remember it used to be, perhaps before httpd SNI support. But why now?

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            The httpd TLS configuration for the server isn’t aware of the macro $HTTP_HOST which is the host from the HTTP Host header. As such, TLS options are hard-coded in httpd.conf. It won’t be possible to have a default https server for general use unless the TLS server is outsourced to relayd.

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        Where would access.log be found in this case?

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          default chroot directory is /var/www

          default logdir directory is /logs

          default access log file is access.log

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          does it support http/2 or http/1.x only ?

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            relayd and httpd support HTTP/1.x

            hpack(3) may be included, one day, into relayd or httpd https://github.com/reyk/hpack

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              thank you for that info. Hope they get it included in the future!