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Two years ago we were at 5000 users - we have now reached 9999 with @barklar being the lucky crustacean :~)

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      That looks delicious. I love tofu.

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      What’s the ‘Stories with similar links’ widget at the bottom of this page?

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          There was a previously submitted story with a similar URL that was matched with this function.

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          I really like Lobsters. I had some pretty negative experiences on some other discussion forums, but I think that the:

          • Fully transparent moderation log,
          • Mandatory explanations for downvoting,
          • Tree showing who invited who,

          Really go a long way (in that order) towards making a difference. I wonder if the fully transparent moderation log could later get some form of CT-like integrity :-) but that’s probably not strictly necessary.

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            Is it possible to find out what # lobster any user was?

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              Your own user number is available from the console in your browser:


              You can also see this value by viewing the source of any page you fetched while you were logged in.

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                Specifically it looks like this is available by looking at a <script></script> block within the <head> tag of an article page like this one, containing a bit of Javascript that mentions the user number. I’m 5669, apparently.

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                  Currently yes, though I’d like to remove inline script tags to add a strict Content Security Policy.

            Stories with similar links:

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