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    Ad the original article: besides the hairline, my daily browser (FF) also failed the plugins test. Yup, I don’t have any enabled.

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      Is there even a point in trying to detect this? The browser (headless or not) is executing these scripts, so it can feed in whatever values it wants.

      No doubt these detection techniques only work at all because it’s convenient not to setup some things while running headless. If it becomes an arms race the browser will win by definition.

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        Is there even a point in trying to detect this?

        Advertisers sponsor websites, products, and tools (like those used by this blog), and they’re only going to do it while they believe they’re getting value for that sponsorship.

        And indeed some of the best efforts in this space continue to be kept secret; this blog is amateur hour, and some of the stuff I’m aware of but is no longer as effective, can give you some idea of how sophisticated the liars and the detectors can be.

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          The “advertising sponsorship” model sucks, so the less convenient it is for them the better, IMO.

          They can find a business model that doesn’t hinge on invading people’s privacy and annoying the shit out of everybody. It’s modern spam.

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        The article it’s responding to on Lobsters.

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          Hey - I think you linked the same article this submission is about, and not the original? Did you mean to link the Lobste.rs article or the original?

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            Yep, I pasted the wrong thing, thanks for the fix.