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Mods: would love a blockchain tag.


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    Protocol explanation: https://github.com/telehash/telehash.org/blob/master/v3/intro.md

    Would be curious to see a comparison to older networks with similar goals, e.g. I2P.

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      Very interesting. To be fair though, there is a lot of these secure messengers now.

      I use Telegram myself.

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        Telegram is not the most secure thing out there (server code unavailable, etc), but it is quite handy.

        I would not trust it more than an random IRC server though.

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          Oh yeah I know it’s not the most secure. I’m just saying that a lot of these are popping up recently.

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          I wish there was some more interoperability, but that’s a pipe dream. There’s not enough money in that, it seems.

          No “secure messenger” that runs on more than mobiles will be as ubiquitous as Facebook Messenger is now, just as AIM+ICQ were the messenger(s) of record in the 2000s. WhatsApp comes close, from what I know, but I don’t know anyone who uses it except to chat with people outside the US or people who were users before coming to the US.

          I prefer Google Hangouts (formerly Talk) because it’s on all of my devices and most of the people with whom I communicate regularly use and prefer it. I have little personal use for encrypted chat, but the few people with whom I discuss anything that I’d want encrypted use Signal or Threema.

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          There hasn’t been much news on that site in a while… Is it still being developed actively?