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Scrolling through the meta tags, they seem to be mostly asking for stuff (I’m as guilty of that as anyone!), or occasionally discussing the site’s theory-of-community. What are some of the little touches that you appreciate about the site?

For instance, I just noticed that the tags are divided into colour-coded groups, by kind, and I’ve always liked how comment notifications come into my email inbox neatly tagged and with enough context that I don’t need to click through immediately.


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    I just found the privacy policy today and enjoyed it very much :)

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      It’s a really tiny touch, but I like how the icon at the top left shows how much load the site is under.

      Although, I’m not sure whether bright or dark indicates high load…

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          Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn’t noticed it. It’s around 0746 EST and the icon is bright so I’d guess that darker means heavier load.

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          Its mobile site is absolutely amazing in comparison to any other news aggregators I’ve seen (except I guess the viewport definition can be improved, so I’ll make a PR).

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            Definite agree. I see no need for a mobile client or crippled mobile site when the full site seamlessly scales down, with minor touches to make it better.

            This is with Internet Explorer on Windows Phone. I’m using it on a Lumia 520, with a 800*480 screen. I should get my old N900 and see how it handles this…

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            The bookmarklet immediately tells you if a link has already been submitted.

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              reddit also does that AFAIK

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              I like how I can filter out stuff I don’t want to see. Simple, but powerful idea.