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    Probably from the foone twitter thread?

    Why let lack of reading comprehension get in the way of a good story? This is neither interesting nor a real WTF.

    Gender PHP extension is a port of the gender.c program originally written by Joerg Michael. The main purpose is to find out the gender of firstnames. The current database contains >40000 firstnames from 54 countries.

    • it’s not an official part of PHP
    • yes, it’s unfortunate that the docs for a PECL package are right there on www.php.net
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      LOL, what foone twitter thread :D The dude’s a bundle of yarn when it comes to threads.

      I guess out of context this is a weird package, but the idea isn’t that bad. I like how it’s localized to locales so you might avoid some false positives. As to whether it’s a good idea to programmatically decide on a person’s gender based on their name… I might see the value? It’s a business decision in the end.

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        https://twitter.com/Foone/status/1343285800369147904 - damn twitter, took a while to find it.

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          You are doing $deity’s work. Thanks.