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    My favorite quote from the write-up:

    Those who understand the TMDS physical layer are probably screaming, but I was fine, because I did not read the electrical section of the spec until after I got this board working. Then I screamed.

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      So, does the fact that DVI is processed to be electrically “neutral” overall (i.e. balanced 0s and 1s) mean that the capacitors never actually charged much, so they just acted as tiny low value resistors? Maybe?

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      This is quite impressive when in the meantime, the beefier ESP32 (but lacking Programmable IO) is only capable of VGA https://github.com/bitluni/ESP32Lib https://github.com/fdivitto/FabGL (still an impressive feat also).

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          The code is awful, go check it out if you hate yourself.

          LOL. Yes, the PIOs are rather cool.