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I had multiple discussions regarding why containers with a full OS are evil, so I decided to write down those concepts. I tried to be concise but touch base on several points providing examples:

How containers, as we know them, came to exist Major differences between containers and virtual machines Examples of how to build minimal containers Demystifying the scratch container Examples of how to debug running containers using other containers Benefits of minimal containers Tools that help build minimal containers

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    This is a good article. I like the concept of containers, and manipulating them like you do is pretty refreshing to see! The bits about entrer a container using a second one sawas particulary cool! You managed to demistify containers in a short post, so kudos for that! I wrote something similar a couple of years back, which you might appreciate (it’s rather long I must admit), as it shows another way to create an “app container” from scratch.

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      Thanks for the kind words, will definitely check it out!