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    The output is quite disappointing really.

    No checking for missed function arguments? (Trying) to use ls programatically? Passing arguments straight to echo?

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      Yes the output is a bit underwhelming, but the pioneer work is what makes it special. I don’t know enough, but I’d wish we would figure something more sophisticated out that help us creating glue code on constrained environments.

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      This would be more amusing if hosted on the Italian TLD.

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        Had a bit of a play - this is a great tool. And I think I’ll just stick to the online transpiler.

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          probably another target language on unix would be perfect

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            I just ended up having a discussion about Shell scripting in General, I still wonder if it was possible to transpile/compile a reasonable scripting language into something that is Ash/Posix Shell compatible - but still provides many programming language primitives.

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              Please tell me it’s pronounced “bat shit”…