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      almost 20 years and diversification in chile has gotten pretty much nowhere http://atlas.cid.harvard.edu/explore/tree_map/net_export/chl/all/show/1995/ http://atlas.cid.harvard.edu/explore/tree_map/net_export/chl/all/show/2012/

      when the world stops using copper it’s going to get ugly, fast, here. when china stops using copper it’s not going to be pretty.

      edit: oh, there’s a better way to show this - http://atlas.cid.harvard.edu/explore/stacked/net_export/chl/all/show/1995.2012.2/

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        I think this shows better that things have actually deteriorated… http://atlas.cid.harvard.edu/explore/stacked/net_export/chl/all/show/1995.2012.2/