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    In short, Mozilla won’t be happy with us applying patches and modifications to their trademarked language without “explicit approval”, except for non-commercial usage, so it is a freedom issue.

    The language is not trademarked. Only the name is. The wiki author acknowledges the option of changing the name later in this article, so they clearly know this. That makes this thing misleading.

    However, we would need patches to adapt all Rust-dependant applications to the modified version of Rust, since it is a programming language.

    IceCat, as you can read in their debranding script, still uses Firefox’s User-Agent string. This is probably allowed because it’s an interop hazard, and isn’t really user-facing.

    Why would analogous workarounds, like binary aliasing rustc and cargo to the rebranded ones and interpreting RUST_ env variables, not be allowed? I’m pretty sure IceCat’s extensions system still respect Firefox names in all the spots that matter. Just don’t call the package rust and don’t call yourself rust when the user passes --version. And don’t use the chainring R, of course.

    WARNING: I am not a lawyer.

    We would also need to maintain a list of nonfree cargo packages to blacklist those for your-freedom.

    Cargo.toml has a license field. You can fetch it, without downloading the whole package, by hitting crates.io’s API. I assume you already have a blacklist of non-Free licenses. That will cover the big issues, ensuring you don’t accidentally ship non-Free code in your distribution.

    I assume you want to maintain your blacklist of Free packages that are tied to non-Free servers (stuff like hubcaps that communicates with GitHub’s API), but you really don’t need that to ship Tor.

    If you’ve found a crate that is erroneously marked as Free (that is, where the Cargo.toml says its free but the LICENSE file in the repository says it’s not), then contact the crates.io team. They’re not very proactive, but they will yank packages that are at risk for getting people in legal trouble.

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      Somewhere along the way we went wrong having to spend energy on these kind of issues 😔

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        This is not a very constructive comment.