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    I’ve been using comment-region like a caveman! Today I shall try comment-dwim, thank you!

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      I have the feeling with Emacs, everyone appears as a partial caveman to others. It was ages until I understood the kill ring, started using hippie-expand, realized I could use recompile instead of calling compile again, learned how to make flymake tell me what’s wrong (C-h .), etc., etc. And more often than not, I think to myself “why was I even using Emacs, if I didn’t know about this feature”.

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        I share the feeling. I think I needed at least 5 years to truly grok (the basics of) Emacs and start benefiting from its unique features and advantages. At this point I’ve been an Emacs user for over 15 years and I still learn new things quite often. :-)

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          Yep! Though I found out about comment-dwim a while ago, but the depths of the emacs abyss is deep. We all stare into it.

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          You’re welcome! :-)

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            I always wondered what dwim meant