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    Lots of my coder friends switched from apple hardware to something else because they needed enough GPU/CPU to do virtual reality or machine learnings tasks. Most of them put Linux on a Dell or ThinkPad.

    It’s no more than anecdata, but it’s a strong trend in my well-paid group of friends.

    For example, my personal laptop has six Xeon cores (12 with hyperthreading) and 128 GB of RAM, with a passable GPU (Quadro P2000 4GB).

    One friend purchased a laptop with dual Nvidia GTX 1080 somethings for his VR setup.

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      Sounds like Apple should re-release the Mac Pro as the “iPC” ;)

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        Pretty clickbaity if you ask me. I can take a six year old Dell and stuff it with graphics cards they don’t sell today and claim the same.

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          There’s more to it than that in the article.