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I would like to suggest a tag for the ‘High performance computation’ topic.

Now all articles from this categories are in ‘programming’. Tag that will unite posts about CUDA, OpenMP, TBB and so on. I think it would be better to organise them under one tag.

PS. maybe ‘hpc’ isn’t the best abbreviation, but I think it’s quite common. PS2. posting topics regarding distributed systems(MPI, MapReduce etc) will be also a good idea.

Thank you.

UPD: maybe adding more common ‘parallel’ tag will be better. See comments, please.

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      There’s a distributed tag that can cover some things.

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      I work for a supercomputer company, what exactly do you mean by hpc? Traditional Fortran style MPI? More modern Fortran? Just parallel computation in general? I’m an odd duck in that I’m a new guy there and get constantly told “that isn’t hpc”. So trying to just clarify what would be in this tag exactly.

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        My first proposition was exactly about MPI, CUDA, OpenMP and all other stuff. But than I’ve found a lack of ‘parallel’ tag. Covering articles regarding parallel computation of different kind with a ‘parallel’ will be a better solution. (I cannot edit post anymore, so it looks outdated, sorry).

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          Sure just curious is all. Perhaps distributed computation would make the most general sense? Parallel seems a bit ambiguous but no big deal.

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      I like the idea…Can you find any examples of stories we have had that would have benefitted from such a tag?

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        Almost every 2nd article: https://lobste.rs/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=cuda&what=stories&order=newest

        By the way, I’ve found that there is no ‘parallel’ tag. It can be used as an alternative to my proposition. Also it will include all common articles about parallel/concurrent stuff. (example: https://lobste.rs/s/yumzdb/parallelism_concurrency_need_different)

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          I think parallel would be a very useful tag.