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    “Tweag I/O is a network of software innovation labs across Europe. We develop novel solutions and products for our clients around the world. Haskell is key to delivering fast, correct and maintainable code. We have shipped Haskell in anything from tiny web services to large high-performance compute clusters with custom hardware. We’re particularly keen to help the community grow Haskell into the strongest systems programming language and ecosystem out there. We’re very proud to sponsor a student this summer to help make it happen.”

    That’s the kind of quote I like seeing. We need more companies or groups doing stuff like this for all the robust tech in as many places as possible. Even better if they integrate with each other when possible.

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      While I don’t have a particular problem with these newsletters, I have heard feedback before that it isn’t appropriate to post them on a regular basis.

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        I hear you! The last one of these I posted was issue 32, which was 24 weeks ago. I’d hardly call that regular ;)