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      That’s really sad, because:

      • The Postgres shell interface is leaps and bounds beyond MySQL’s.
      • Postgres makes sharding a lot easier
      • Postgres has full-text search built in
      • PostGIS is a complete location-aware extension used by pretty much everyone that has to deal with finding how much distance there is between two given locations. It is only available for Postgres.
      • Did I mention extensions? It’s hella easy to add functionality and types to Postgres by way of extensions
      • The hstore and array types basically remove the need for an additional NoSQL database if you don’t need much out of your NoSQL. It also allows one who’d be using a relational DB to think about their data in a much more elegant way, without having to hack your way around it or design your DB in such a messy way that it’s completely alien to outsiders

      The real problem here is that Sequel Pro doesn’t support Postgres. One of the reasons I don’t use Sequel Pro as much is just because it doesn’t support PostgreSQL yet. :)