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      Ok. Up until this point I still used Comodo certificates for a few things, but this is foul play in my book, so no more Comodo for me.

      Conodo! I couldn’t resist.

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        Conodo! I couldn’t resist.

        I wasn’t spitting out my drink or anything, but I did get a chuckle. Well played.

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        “Intellectual copyrights”, “protecting business models”, what the fucking fuck. Is he trying to invert the polarity on the gamma lawyer flux catalyst while he hacks all the ports simultaneously?

        He doesn’t even know what the law in question is called. Trademark, nothing more, nothing less.

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          The Upton quote about salary and understanding is trotted out much too frequently, but this is a damn fine exemplar.

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        Comodo CEO is forgetting rule #1: Stop Digging.

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      An update to the post! All’s well that ends well?

      Update, June 24 2016

      We have confirmed that Comodo submitted Requests for Express Abandonment for all three trademark registration applications in question. We’re happy to see this positive step towards resolution, and will continue to monitor the requests as they make their way through the system.

      We’d like to thank our community for their support.