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See title. :-)

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    With uBlock you can hide elements client-side.

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      I gave it an id tag for exactly this reason. Filter lobste.rs###emojifundraiser if you prefer not to see it.

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      I don’t see why this progress bar should be obnoxiously put at the top of the page. It’s cool if you wanna do a donation drive but don’t push it in the face of everybody who comes here. Honestly at first I thought this was a bar for site expense. Then I realised it’s to ‘adopt’ an emoji.

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        Lobsters isn’t a daily visit for most readers, probably even for most users. They can’t see it to join in if there isn’t anything visible for it, and it has an id for adblocking if you prefer not to see it.

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          Personally a check this site quite regularly on my mobile device… which doesn’t have an ad-blocker.

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            That sounds awful. If you’re an android user, normal uBlock Origin works on Firefox for Android just like it does on desktop. :)

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              Or use Block This!, which blocks ads in all apps.

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                Oh, that’s a cool little tool. Using a local VPN to intercept DNS is a neat trick. Unfortunately doesn’t help with in this case because it blocks requests to domains and not elements on a page via CSS selectors.

                That does make me want to actually figure out my VPN to home for my phone and setup a pi-hole, though.

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                Ohh! Good to know, thanks.

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                Firefox 57+ has integrated adblocker nowadays, on both desktop and mobile; plus, there’s also Brave.

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                That is still annoying that I need to setup my adblocker to fix lobste.rs. So much for all the rant articles about bad UX/UI in here.

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                  maybe one could just add a dismiss button or sometimes like that? I don’t find it that annoying, but I guess it would be a pretty simple solution.

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                    I concur, either a client side cookie or session variable.

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                      Well, yeah… that’s how you could implement it, and I guess that would be the cleanest and simplest way?

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                    It’d be great to see data about that! Personally I visit daily or at least 3 times a week. Lack of clutter and noise is one of the biggest advantages of Lobsters. And specifically, I looked at the link, and I have no idea who this Unicode organization is, or their charitable performance, or even if they need the money. I’d imagine they are mostly funded by the rich tech megacorps?

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                      [citation needed] ;-)

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                      Adopting an emoji isn’t the end goal: the money goes to Unicode, which is a non-profit organization that’s very important to the Internet.

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                        If this bar actually significantly annoys you, I’m surprised you haven’t literally died from browsing the rest of the internet.

                      2. 24

                        I agree. A huge donate bar seems very out of place for a site previously so focused on being able to apply filters and focus on content.

                        And I really don’t care about adopting… an emoji…

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                          I, too, first thought that this bar was for site expense. I think it wouldn’t hurt to make “Adopt Lobsters Emoji” text visible, at least on desktop, as right now it’s just a number within the progress bar.

                          As for making it hideable, I don’t really get the purpose of this proposal — the bar takes less space than a single story. In fact, this very thread takes more space on the front page than the element it proposes to collapse, and unlike the bar, this thread doesn’t even give the warm glow.

                          As much as I hate the obscure UI elements that obstruct and slow down my UX when browsing the different sites (especially as they may pop in and out), I have absolutely zero objection against this tiny bar on the front page here, which is implemented as static HTML/CSS in less than 400 characters. In fact, I do object to getting it bloated with all the logic that the hiding would require.

                          1. 8

                            It’s certainly not tiny, and while it’s not that large, it is by far the heaviest element on the front page.

                            I definitely support, in decreasing order of preference:

                            • Getting rid of it
                            • Making it hideable directly (rather than requiring users to block parts of the page)
                            • Making it smaller and less contrasty to reduce visual weight
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                              That’s a good point about it being the visually heaviest element on the page - and for such a light, text-only site, it really stands out. (I made a similar point a while ago about a different feature.) I’ve taken most of the color out of the progress bar and reset it to the default font size so it fits in a little more smoothly.

                              1. 1

                                Thank you, it’s much better now.

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                            The trick here is that the bar will disappear when you fill it up. My bar disappeared when I donated the remaining balance. If you’re still seeing your bar, it means you need to donate the remaining balance.

                            1. 2

                              Huh? I donated before the bar was put there, I still see it. What do you mean by “remaining balance”?

                              1. 10

                                I think zg was going for humor, that if someone wants to donate all of the remaining amount to reach the goal, the fundraiser will end and the bar will be removed.

                                1. 3

                                  what’s “humor”?

                            2. 4

                              I find it alarming that despite the large reaction against this bar, either from people blocking it as a spam or just protesting against, the bar is kept here.

                              To be honest, if the argument for the bar is that some users are not regular visitor, then I doubt that irregular visitors will bother to contribute for an emoji.

                              1. 3

                                We haven’t had a large reaction against it. Twice as many people have donated than upvoted this post, and they did a lot more than click an arrow. The minority of folks who don’t want to participate can easily remove or ignore it.

                                1. 5

                                  Donation and voting against are not mutually exclusive.

                              2. 5

                                Yes please!

                                1. 2

                                  Using a user-provided CSS plugin like https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/styl-us/ makes it easy to define:

                                  #emojifundraiser { display: none; }

                                  1. 2

                                    How meta

                                    1. 1

                                      The sooner people donate the sooner it goes away.

                                      1. 9

                                        Don’t we call that line of logic protection racketeering? ;-)