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    Not exactly the same type of product, but Games2gether is an example of a succesfull feature voting platform. It belongs to a french gaming company named Amplitude Studios and their mostly known for releasing increasingly better 4x strategy games (The Endless game series).

    They built a platform where they have a basic roadmap, dev diaries and occasinal votes about specific features, I think the only reason this works well is that it’s highly curated and the choices are almost all predefined.

    The best example I can find is when they added a faction to Endless Legends. They first asked users to design the name, history and basic characteristics of a faction, the main restriction was that it had to revolve around using the minor factions. There were a lot of good suggestions and in the end they picked the best ones and asked players to vote on them. I think thats a good way of maintaining company agency on the development of a voted feature.

    The same process was repeated for the visual design, sigil and boat unit. From those parts they crafted a whole new faction, that actually turned out pretty cool. (A bunch of robots that lead a cult that preaches hate for the ancestral beings that made the world how it is)

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      Voting for features is bad for precisely the reasons described herein. But voting for problems to solve is a great idea.