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      Freya Holmér also has this really beautiful bézier curve video that builds a lot of intuition.

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        Yup, great video, my contribution is modest in comparison. Watching it again it appears some information unsurprisingly overlap (typically the lerp/mix thing!), but I think I’m still covering different aspects of it.

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          It’s a nice reference to have around, too. Don’t undervalue just making it for fun (:

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      I find them being explained almost exclusively in 2 or 3 dimensions, which can be a source of confusion in various situations.

      TBF, a bezier curve of order n is only significant in at most n dimensions (eg the points on a quadratic curve will always be coplanar, even if you express the control points in 3 dimensions), and pretty much no one uses curves higher than cubics.

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        By dimensions I was referring to the spatial dimensions: admittedly I start talking about the degree, but the crux of the article is to break the xy (or xyz) spatial view into 2 (or 3) views: x according to t, y according to t, etc.