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    Works out of the box in v86: Get https://www.fiwix.org/FiwixOS-3.2-i386.raw.gz, unpack it locally, go to https://copy.sh/v86/, select FiwixOS-3.2-i386.raw as hard drive image, click start and enjoy :-)

    I’ll try to publish https://copy.sh/v86/?profile=fiwix in a couple of hours.

    (of course, if you have qemu, qemu-system-x86_64 -m 128 -enable-kvm FiwixOS-3.2-i386.raw also works)

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      I’m curious why a new OS project would target i386. Is it old? Modern x86-64 is a much less hostile environment for an OS. Is there some intended use case? A desire to use segmentation in an interesting way? Nostalgia? Simple joy at the challenge?

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        i386 is retrocomputing at this point. C is also retrocomputing, so it fits.

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          “…to make sure that FiwixOS 3.2 will run in very old hardware”