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    First impression: very speedy! Hypergrid notably doesn’t feel like a tarpit.

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      Every time I try to like Safari I find myself going back to Chrome or Firefox. What advantages over these browsers does Safari bring to the table that make switching worthwhile?

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        1. Battery Life is noticeably better than Chrome and FFX.

        2. Integration of bookmarks, history, etc with Mobile Safari

        3. It doesn’t record mic audio and stream it to google.

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          My favorite feature is iCloud Keychain, which makes it ridiculously easy to generate & secure passwords across my iPad/iPhone/Macbook.

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            Firefox doesn’t do that either, but I did say FF or Chrome :)

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            Not sure, as I use Safari by default. However, I do use Chrome if I need to use Google Calendar / hangouts. I also use Chrome for Scratch, because of its built-in and self-updating Flash support. (I don’t otherwise have Flash installed.)

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              That’s part of my issue. I used Chrome for a long time because I need multiple G+ accounts logged in at the same time. I decided that supporting OSS was important so I switched to Firefox and now use multiple profiles for this - it’s not elegant but it works.

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                There’s always Chromium, the upstream OSS project.