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    Never, ever, ever feel guilty about charging for your work. Users are always free to use some other tool or build their own thing.

    If any OSS developers want to talk about charging for their projects, my door is open every Friday at my Happy Hour:


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      I think a key thing here is that the largest open source projects–think things like Linux–actually pay their developers. Rather, large companies depend on Linux and pay their engineers to contribute to Linux. The point being, Chromium/Linux/Firefox devs are all making a salary.

      Contrast them with people like this guy, who are maintaining projects alone, with no compensation. I’m glad he feels 0 guilt for monetizing– people deserve to be compensated for their work. If you choose to donate your work to the community, that’s your choice! Not a requirement to participate in the greater software community.

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        Not disagreeing. It seems to me that market economy is a functioning baseline and any other model needs some coordination, which is something most producers cannot pull off. Myself included.

        I would still like to see a solution that would not break down due to the freeloaders and the producer gets paid, though.

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          Very awesome and above all honest article. Love the part about working at a beach 😊