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    We’ve been hiring Haskell employees at Originate here in NYC, and the note about hiring Haskell employees is completely correct. We put up one comment on the once-a-month /r/haskell jobs thread and connected with several enthusiastic candidates in the subsequent week – over a dozen once you include applicants who inquired about remote work. These are high-quality people that any company would be lucky to have: contributors to open source libraries, generalists who know the usual imperative languages, hobbyist type theorists, and more. The takeaway is that there are functional programmers out there who are keeping an eye out for the next place to work. Throw money at them!

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      I had a hard time hiring Haskell people in Chicago, but this was probably an employer-side issue. (Finding good people is not the same thing as finding good people that your employer is willing to pay for, at an appropriate level.) If you’re going for top-shelf individuals, Haskell’s great for attracting them. If you’re looking for Scrum drones, not as well.

      I did find that teaching Haskell is a lot easier than people make it out to be. If you have decent internal talent, people can learn it.