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    Since it’s a bit buried: They expect to start shipping these in May 2022.

    I am a long-time Kinesis Advantage user and am delighted to see this! Periodically I would go check and see what they were up to and I was always disappointed to see they hadn’t updated their products in years.

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      As a long time happy user of two Kinesis Advantage keybords (one for home, one for work, because once you have one you can’t go back) this keyboard just gave be a tinge of buyers remorse. I pre-ordered two Keyboardio Model 100 keyboards a while back. The regret is that — if I had known Kinesis had this in the works I might have held back and only pre-ordered one and given this Advantage 360 a side by side run with Keyboardio.

      Looking over the press release this seems to have addressed many of my minor gripes with the Advantage.

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        Yeah it looks like they are finally offering switches that have tactile feedback. I was a fan of the shape of the old Advantage but I didn’t have the patience to desolder and replace every single one of the MX Brown switches so it never felt like a serious contender to me.

        This seems like they’re playing catch-up to Keyboardio, which is … well, a step in the right direction, though IMO the wood still looks a lot cooler.

        (disclaimer: I have a business relationship with Keyboardio, but it doesn’t involve the Model 01 or 100; just a big fan of those)

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        I started using Moonlander a year ago and now I’m slowly realizing that what helps me the most isn’t the hardware, but the abilities I get from QMK. I was about to ask if Kinesis is using QMK, but then I checked their website and it seems that the Professional version is using ZMK. ZMK should be quite similar to QMK, does anyone has experience with it?

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          I think the ZMK’s raison d’être is Bluetooth support.

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            You can make the old Kinesis work with QMK as well - but it might be a bit on an adventure. :)


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              ZMK is BSD licensed (I think? Not GPL, anyways), so it can be linked to a proprietary vendor Bluetooth driver blob, which is presumably why they chose it.

              But, last I heard, it doesn’t support macros, mouse keys, or tap dance, unlike QMK. So that’s a bit too disappointing for me to consider it. I’m sticking with my ergodox.

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                MIT, but I think you’re right regarding the bluetooth driver.

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              I have been waiting for a bluetooth-enabled Kinesis Advantage for years! This is such good news!

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                Nice that this is is programmable and has an open-source firmware.

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                  I checked with Kinesis sales, and they said they’ll be offering the PBT dyesub keycaps, for those of us who’d like to buy them for our old Advantage2 keyboards. No word yet on when they’ll be available though.

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                    I wish one of these split keyboards used electrocapacitive switches. I can’t go back to mechanical.

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                      Interesting. I start a new job in January, so I might bring my current Advantage2 into the office and buy one of these for home.

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                        That…that looks really nice. I would love to try one before buying it (due to cost) as I have comically short pinkies (if I place my fingers on a, s, d, f I can barely reach q with my pinkie, as a reference) and fear that using this model might be really tricky. :(

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                          I’ve been thinking about buying a kinesis for awhile. My only concern is (a) the learning ramp and (b) inability to use a standard keyboard when on the road. Any experiences here folks can share?

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                            While I haven’t used a Kinesis much, I have some experience from other non-standard keyboards and layouts.

                            (a): I think it will depend on how you layout your training for the new keyboard. I went from normal keyboards to an Atreus0 and it took me a week or two to learn it good enough. I wasn’t in a hurry and didn’t try to use it at work in the beginning. But, I had already learned a custom layout (loosely based on Dvorak) 10+ years prior so it probably helped compared to someone who haven’t used anything else in their life.

                            (b): I have zero issues going between layouts and different keyboards, and I think most people can learn this as well. But it will probably take some time and practice.