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    From HN:

    “Still waiting for Red Lobster blockchain” (sxcurry)

    “I’d buy into that Initial Crab Offering” (rev_null)

    They might be onto something. Maybe Lobste.rs should have a blockchain [we don’t really use] to raise money for cool features or libraries [we’d like to use] that the blockchain will use so it’s not fraud. We can call it an Initial Claw Offering. We’ll take over the link aggregation and blockchain discussions markets by letting them buy their own customized forums hosted on our safe, secure, and future-proof blockchain. They can think of it as a hardened exoskeleton for their money and data.

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      Maybe Lobste.rs should have a blockchain [we don’t really use]

      Just a little nit pick, there is a very very big difference between “having” (and maintaining) your own blockchain/cryptocurrency, and building on top of an existing one with a smart contract / ERC20.

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      “but after studying many other ICO, I am convinced now that this is not just a short-lived fad, but a real new model to fund projects, and especially open-source projects related to blockchains.”

      There’s been quite a few of us suggesting people jump into it just to get funding for more important stuff they’ll produce as part of the coin offering they sell to investors. Plus, with the focus on correctness, it’s easier than ever to get the private sector to invest in high-assurance tooling. Anyone wanting a shortcut should build your language on top of capabilities of the SPARK Ada language with this book. Your smart contracts get all the benefits it currently offers plus whatever extra you build plus whatever they build with the influx of money for Pro edition. Recent projects already add some pointer and floating-point safety to what they already mostly automate with that tooling. This is also a mature tool whose development and commercial use goes back decades.