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    After seeing the Pascal unikernel OS I wondered if somebody had developed a Python unikernel - turns out they have one that lets you build unikernel OSen in several languages.

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      Very cool, I was not aware one existed! This might be an easier starting point for those who are already Python and JS programmers.

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        Neither was I! I could see this being a really great way to do some super light weight custom cloud apps like microservices and such.

        I haven’t looked into how secure the OS is though - that’s definitely something I’d want to research before I put it into production.

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          Ultibo is amazingly polished, and with the Project Oberon RISC emulation written in FPC (Object) Pascal, it gives a great Wirth-ian stack at all levels, with essentially complete USB support for hubs/storage/flash/disk/optical/HID/keyboards/mice, full SMP, and networking with a winsock2 interface.