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      This looks quite cool: might see if I can use Discord’s automated GDPR data dump to make something like this.

      EDIT: I’ve done it!

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        When are you sleeping?!

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        This is such a good visualization. I wish I could dump my work chat and make a chart similar, but alas it’s Slack ;_;

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          If you’re admin you can I think. But few of us have that privileges.

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            I’m not a Slack user, but I think writing a smiple bot could be helpful, could it not? I haven’t checked their API though.

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            I was just going to write, I’d like to see Slack or Discourse or Reddit do something like this…

            This is the level of openness, forward and backward compatibility, and user empowerment that I am designing into sHiTMyseLf, where the entire data structure is accessible as plaintext in an easy format, for the user to slice and dice in ways I haven’t even thought of yet.

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            Visualizing activity with scatter plot is a nice idea, but not new. 8 years ago Stephen Wolfram did personal analytics of his life. If you like OP visualization you would love Stephen’s blog post.

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              It seems the code to do this is from this twitter thread, https://nitter.net/lunasorcery/status/1334519572330909696

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                I used her gist and did my own weechat logs. As a result, here’s a little repo with a requirement.txt and info on how to easily do your own. Really the python just reads a file of date/time stamps, one-per-line. If you can transform your source data into that then this will Just Work™