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    I made it about 16 minutes in before I figured out there is zero content in this talk. I want another downvote label due to this talk, such as “no content” or “fluff” or even “funny but totally useless”. Here’s a better talk about concurrency and maintaining systems in the cloud or on distributed systems.


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      As funny as it was (and I enjoyed watching it in full), I have to agree with you. It’s almost just a standup act.

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      Is James mickens someone who is big in monitoring? I’m assume based on this mostly being titled w his name that he must be.

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        I don’t know. I know his name mostly from his Microsoft Research articles, they can be pretty humorous while still also having useful content. You might have read some, the The Night Watch paper on systems programmers particularly was widely spread and quoted on Twitter.


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          Until recently, he wrote the funny “everything about software sucks” columns for ACM. I imagine this post could have used the satire tag.