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    I’ve been asked a couple times whether Illumos / OpenIndiana works on prgmr.com. I don’t know if it does but would like to find out: if any of you are interested in trying an install and see if you can bring up a working system, please reach out (email, IRC, or PM on lobste.rs) and I’ll give you a complimentary VPS for a month or two to test with.

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      That sounds like lots of fun. Sent you a private message.

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      It’s easy to find the Big Banner Features, like Zones and ZFS. That much is in the FAQ. But that doesn’t answer the question of what the base install experience is like, other than that they note there’s a live installer built into a Gnome desktop, which brings them up to, say, 1996 in Linux Years. I’m guessing it isn’t like Solaris was Way Back When, when the GNU utilities were segregated into their own subdirectory not in the normal $PATH and the default experience was basically System V, but how rich is it?

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        Feels like a FreeBSD/CentOS hybrid, except you’re running an Illumos kernel and have atomic system upgrades like NixOS.