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    I was missing some context, the welcome page is a bit too terse for me. Some quotes I collected from various sublinks, trying to scavenge for more introductory information:

    Céu is a reactive language that aims to offer a higher-level and safer alternative to C. (via)


    Céu provides “Structured Synchronous Reactive Programming”, a safe and deterministic concurrency model with side effects.
    Reactive applications interact continuously with the environment and are mostly guided through input events from it.
    Céu can be described as a reactive, imperative, concurrent, synchronous, and deterministic language. (via)

    Also, the youtube presentation on the front page seems to provide a list of “Goals” and “Non-goals” in the first few seconds.

    Finally, based on a link at the bottom of the homepage, plus some info about the author, it seems to come from LabLua at PUC-Rio, and the work/research seems supervised by Roberto Ierusalimschy (one of Lua authors). Which gives it some initial credit in my book.

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      Just to add a bit to your comment, the Céu homepage has the logo for UERJ in it which is a different university than PUC-Rio. The author is a teacher at UERJ. So this is probably some sort of collaboration between LabLua and UERJ as the LabLua logo is also present.

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      First impressions:

      • I like that there’s a “what it looks like” section. Too often do I see a “here’s my programming language!” announcement with a list of its features, but no actual example of the code. If I’m going to use your language, I want some indication of what I’m going to be staring at for hours trying to debug.
      • I’m not a fan of videos so I did not watch the introduction on the landing page.
      • The tutorial jumps right into being a tutorial. Also, I like the “input” section in the bottom-right corner with the “do you have any questions” section where you can supply questions about a specific tutorial in a block comment. Also, being able to change the font size is a nice touch.
      • I wish the landing page had some indication of the current version. Going to the ‘manuals’ and download link (straight to Github) shows that it’s on version 0.30, which in my eyes is “unstable”. I’m not going to be using this on production systems, but I may try to do some experimental side projects with it.

      It has some interesting ideas, and from the website I get the impression that it’s aiming to have a friendly development experience.