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    Folks, even for really neat hardware, please can we not normalize product pages here?

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      Also, even for a product page, there’s exceptionally little useful information here.

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      And this is going to cost much less than the 1st Talos.

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        Lower cost is going to be key.

        The main competition for the Talos II might be the newly FSF-approved Asus KGPE-D16 (2009), which can be had for several hundred dollars on ebay.

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          I have D16, Talos is supposed to be much faster.

          Also, POWER9 apparently has open source microcode.

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            I’m not sure about microcode and how useful that would be, but POWER9 has fully open source firmware, i.e. the equivalent of AMD AGESA and Intel FSP.

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              Yes, but in addition to that, it also has open source microcode.

              So it’s more open than D16.

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            I think Talos wants to more sell (and perhaps will sell more) towards nation-states and organizations that need the utmost security and the ability to verify their systems, not Free Software purists.

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              They want to build an ecosystem and actually most people right now at #talos-workstation seem to be individuals :)

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                That’s what I thought the focus should be. Although, Im more for doing if as a loss-leader or bonus to licensing of enterprise software. The development and initial run are a sunk cost to get the hardware out there. They then make money on whatever software they sell with it. Kind of like Sirrix or GD if they weren’t trying to squeeze money out of hardware as much.

                Talos business model doesn’t look to support this. It would have to be a different company. Apple is probably in ideal position to do it with their cash and vertical integration but aren’t interested.

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              How is this possible?

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              “Competitive pricing”

              Anyone else laugh reading that? The use of POWER, even if justifiable, seems to always drive price up. Those servers are super expensive used on eBay every time I look them up. The last Talos Workstation was well-priced relative to that but too high relative to high-volume x86. This one has two POWER9’s versus other one’s POWER8 if Im remembering right.

              I hope the best outcome for this project but Im skeptical of competitive pricing until I see it happen.

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                There’s a version with only one CPU (you can buy 2nd one later, the computer will function just fine).

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                I received the e-mail this morning from them as well. I eagerly await some actual information and specifications, and wonder how it will compare to the original TALOS effort.

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                  You can ask tpearson yourself on #talos-workstation at Freenode.