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The current way reposts are handled disallows them unless some event has caused the post to become relevant again. I’m not sure this is the best way to handle it as much of our content is timeless (to a certain extent), and reposting for new users or to refresh the memories of those who have read the article before doesn’t seem like a horrible idea. What does everyone think of this proposal for a different way to handle reposts?

Instead of showing a warning for reposts, we completely disallow them if they have been posted within the past year. If it was last posted more than a year ago, you don’t get any sort of warning, but an icon is shown next to the story (or maybe a tag is added) signifying it is a repost. Users can filter reposts if they so desire.

Also, the repost comments link could link back to the original post comments so that the repost is more like a forum bump than a completely new post.

Hopefully this should solve most of the issues that reposts cause on similar sites.


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    I’m in favor of this, especially linking the original comments. What if instead of a separate post, it just added the second poster as a coauthor on the original post and bumped it up?

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      I would be in favor of a repost tag instead of a repost flag, Or maybe coupled to a flag? That way moderators could decide to tag the post or remove it.

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        By “flag” you are referring to the icon idea, right? I agree, and I think it should probably be like the pdf or video tag where it’s automatically added.

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          Yeah sorry, didnt know we had tags that were automatically added.