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    Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, Portal, Dota; most developers would kill for this catalog of sure-fire hits.

    A mod that they purchased, a game idea that they employed the creators of to recreate in theit own engine, and a mod that they purchased and rewrote in their own engine. Admittedly they do produce good games, but they also acquire and further already good games.

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      Yeah, just off-hand here’s where I recall all of those coming from:

      • Counter-Strike: Half-Life (1) mod
      • Team Fortress: Quake (1) mod
      • Portal: Student project
      • DotA: Warcraft III mod
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        Ahh, I didn’t know the history of Team Fortress :)

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      Given the Microsoft culture at the time Gabe left, this kinda makes sense. Then again, it is all unsourced and uncorroborated, so not great.

      Edit: If you’d like to use the “Incorrect” flag, please go ahead and do the work of correcting.