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      Congrats Ted! Honk is a beautifully opinionated piece of work.

      I don’t run it myself because it’s a bit too spartan for me but I really appreciate what it is and what it does. The world needs more alternative takes like this!

      Mastodon itself is such a B-E-A-S-T to set up and run, this lightweight alternative is great!

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      Completely forgot about this! Was first discussed here in 2019: https://lobste.rs/s/ds5kkw/honk_preview

      Glad to see it’s still being developed. I have been meaning to set up my own ActivityPub server, and this seems a lot more suited to my goals than more heavyweight software like Mastodon or Pleroma.

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        Worth noting that Honk doesn’t have an masto-compatible API which means your only way of accessing it is via the web UI it ships with. If you’re after something light-ish with a (good enough) masto-compatible API, GotoSocial is probably your best bet.

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      You may not always get what you want, but you’ll get what you honked for.

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      I ran through the website but I couldn’t exactly understand what it’s supposed to do. Is it some kind of a CMS?

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        Imagine if Mastodon were not six processes written in three programming languages, but were instead a single binary written in golang using SQLite for storage. That’s honk.

        It works quite well for me; I have a cheapo DigitalOcean server and I never have to do any maintenance, or worry about defederation drama making it hard to follow interesting weirdos.

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          GoToSocial matches that description even better since it provides Mastodon-compatible client APIs.

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            which part of the description does it match better?

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              Single golang binary using SQLite for storage?

              Although, GoToSocial only provides the backend, you have to bring your own UI.

              Edit: it doesn’t match the description better. (Just realized what you said, sorry.)

              I assume donio meant to say GTS may be better since it’s API is mastodon-compatible so you can just use any available UI, like https://semaphore.social/ or any of the mobile clients directly.

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                you can just use any available UI

                Well, mostly. Because it’s not 100% masto-compatible (IDs are strings, not ints; rate limit headers are epoch seconds, not ISO8601, etc.[1]) a whole bunch of stuff doesn’t work (Ivory, Mammoth, Mastodon.py without tweaks, etc.)

                [1] Which are compliant to the API spec but it seems a whole bunch of clients have (stupidly) ignored the spec in favour of copying what Mastodon does.

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          I think to @donio’s point, you’re missing a bit with this - it’s not just about the actual server infra being lightweight, it’s the interface as well.

          No stars, no bells or whistles, just a spartan interface to read and post to your fedi feeds :)

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      We’ve changed the schema … but haven’t lost any data that wasn’t originally stored.

      I guess that isn’t not good.

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      Gonna have to try to run honk on 9front when I have time.