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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      My fiancee got pregnant, so probably investigate all the things we need to do in the next few weeks/months.

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          Thanks!! Exciting times!

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        Hell yeah!!! That’s great news. When’s the wedding?

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          The idea was next year, but we may push the party further down with these recent news. We’ll do a tiny private legal wedding soon and do the party in 2/3 years or so.

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        It all gets easy as pie and you totally get the hang of it after you’ve had your third.

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      Will do my try #67 (probably) to change diet.

      I am working out, I am taking the right food additives that doctors recommend (I have acid reflux + small gastric problems), I am doing my best to sleep well (if I don’t do my cardio 2-3 days then I can’t sleep well and wake up early due to shortness of breath so skipping cardio is basically shortening my lifespan), I reduce phone usage, I try to take walks with my wife, etc.

      But learning to cook and eat well has been my nemesis for years. I just hate the kitchen and that’s that. I gathered some advice like vacuuming ingredients for cooking (like seasoned meat that you just gotta put in the oven or in the pan) but I can’t even bring myself to do that – nor my wife can.

      But this weekend I’ll just try to get some fish and season some meat and vacuum them and see if it’s really “that easy” as many YouTube videos claim. :(

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        May I offer a tentative suggestion of looking into slow cooked meals. They are often brutally simple, chop vege, chop meat (sometimes), put in a pot with a spice and a herb, cup of water, put on low and leave for five hours. Return to glorious hearty meal. Budget Bytes have some nice recipes.

        Lowering the complexity is often a good way to start lowering your hate of the kitchen. :)

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          I had the same kind of suggestion as parent but with a pressure cooker if you don’t want to let it cook on slow. Also do not hesitate to grab a few cookbook or check some blog as https://www.seriouseats.com/ as a no-wanting to make a choice (select a random three recipes, that’s your grocery list and meal-plan for the week).

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          Thank you. We bought CrockPot some months ago, tried it 3 times and despaired – the meals were very well-cooked and melting in the mouth but somehow the taste sucked. Likely it was the seasoning.

          We suck at cooking and we really should change that. :(

          We really need some easy wins to get motivated. Otherwise we lose hope and stop fighting.

          Thanks for the advice, it’s a valuable one. We absolutely should revisit the CrockPot.

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            I don’t season food going into a crock pot much. Often I will use some wine as a liquid, so that seasons it a bit I guess.

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            Ranch packets are wonderful for pot roasts

            Add pepperochini too

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        If you are trying to lose weight, consider getting a GLP-1 agonist prescription, see https://worksinprogress.co/issue/the-future-of-weight-loss for a very hyped up summary of recent developments and https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semaglutide for a neutral take.

        A close friend of mine has been taking a GLP-1 agonist for about half a year now, with impressive results, they are down ~12% in body weight, which appears to be mostly from burning fat.

        The main effect is that they now feel full after finishing maybe one third of their normal food portion, and get incredibly nauseous if they eat fatty/sugary foods. They had to switch to eating leaner food and more vegetables because they can’t eat anything else without getting nauseous.

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          Thanks a lot for the reference! Didn’t know and sounds very promising.

          Do you have any links to online shops where the pills can be bought? I will go ask around in my local pharmacies but my country is pretty backwards and slow so might need to order them online.

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            My friend uses https://my-bmi.co.uk/ in the UK, which is an online pharmacy, but I think they only serve the UK, which can be described as backwards and slow, but I assume you mean some other country, so probably of no help to you.

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      I’m bringing down the HardenedBSD build infrastructure in preparation for the impending move to Colorado! Wahoo!

      This weekend is all about packing. The following weekend is when we vacate our home, handing it over to our real estate agent, and drive to Colorado. Freaking crazy that it’s just a week away.

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      Impatiently waiting for my freshly ordered Tillitis TKey. I have a couple ideas that may improve hashing performance a bit I want to try. (The TKey is a security dongle that can execute arbitrary programs, and each of those programs are assigned an independent random secret (HASH(dongle_secret || program_code) basically), that they can use to do whatever security dongle stuff you need: hashing, encryption and decryption, signatures… and it’s all Open Source, down to the hardware itself (FPGA implemented RISC-V soft core).

      And I can’t wait for the unlocked version to come out, it looks like it could serve as a really good FPGA dev board, and I have other performance tweaks I’d like to experiment with.

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      My older son’s birthday party is tomorrow, so that’ll be fun.

      I’m also hoping to make a big push on my latest text editor.

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      Binging The Mandalorian S3. I had just gotten into Star Wars and this is the last one on my list to watch. Not as great as Andor, but still seems solid.

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      Writing Java. Sigh. I’m so embittered by the state of this field sometimes.

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      Trying out a post process of a virtual DOM into json friendly intermediate representation. On Memorial Day I tried something similar where it was transformed into white space aware plaintext.

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      Attending a friends’ wedding and then flying to Greece to start a couple of weeks sailing. Currently rushing round finishing off all the things I’m supposed to have done before June arrived.

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      Hopefully working on my experimental legacy SDL 1.2 bindings for Rust - I’ve got a few handhelds which use that old version of SDL for drawing and I’ve wanted to work on a new UI for them.

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      book, mm patches dinner with wife :)

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      I’m at the Village CHICKENs event, catching up with old friends and meeting new folks while hacking on CHICKEN. Thinking about maybe writing a new blog post of the new feature I have planned. We’ll see if I can keep the momentum going when I get home again.

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      I got myself a barely used recumbent for 350€ which I will rework and probably upgrade. I hope to have it running by the end of the month, because my shoulder hurts on a normal bicycle.

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      Enjoying the sunshine with my kids and parents.

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      Try to finally finish the last step before my barebones “D&D Story Sharing Social App” is finished and ready to go onto the domain I have waiting.

      Last step is authentication/sessions. Kill meeeee. Even with a library helping (NextAuth) it’s been a nightmare.

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      Binge watch TV shows.

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      Learning Nix by reading https://nix.dev/ and wrote some notes about it (by using the zettelkasten system).