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      There are some great quality of life improvements in this release - faster recompilations, and small extensions to Keyword and Enum that will be useful.

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        I really really want this:

        Enum.collect(accumulator, enumerable, fun_2)


        fun_2 :: (accumulator, item) -> accumulator

        I’ve documented tens of places (so far) across several codebases where this would make the code clearer.

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          Isn’t that just reduce? Or is the issue that you can’t pipe with reduce the way that you want to?

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            You got it. Though Enum might not be the right module to put it in. Maybe Kernel. (By analogy to put_in and get_in)

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        I thought that the extensions to mix format were really impressive! I’ve always been frustrated that embedded SQL or HTML won’t get formatted when I format my code. Now there is a nice solution in Elixir!

        The path completion in the REPL was something I was thinking about in Python-land yesterday, but I don’t think it exists. << fingers crossed for Cunningham’s Law >>