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    [sic] is a community about everything that piques your curiosity and interest. To quote others before us: “anything that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity”.

    This is a lobste.rs cousin site I started approximately two weeks ago, that follows the lobste.rs schema in some degree. The test instance is at https://sic.pm/

    Development focus will be on managing tags into collections called “aggregations” which are buckets of tags with certain rules. A user follows aggregations and they makeup the frontpage. That way there’s no rigid split of the website into subcategories and new tag discovery can happen organically through the hierarchical tag graph.

    Contributions welcome. Invitations can be requested here or on IRC, #sic on libera chat. I’d love to have people from lobste.rs over :)

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      Is “community” here referring to the open source project or to the “test instance”?

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        Latter but both. We also gather at the IRC channel.