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    “this project was originally based on an old experiment found on SourceForge.JP, written by ja6hfa (Shibukawa Yoshiki) and kazuyakt, which had only a few functions implemented, but provided a basic structure and initial direction.”

    Not to dissuade you, I’d be happy to be proven wrong in this aspect, but there has been quite a few of those around. Krh had one somewhere in his aux- repos around the time of the initial wayland commits. I had one that died in the experiment pile as a more rugged LD_PRELOAD and ignore / sinkhole anything not relevant.

    The recurring problems were when GLX and friends came to play, with an endless stream of hard-to-explain glitches that followed. Eventually gave up when factoring in all the little sideband protocols that had emerged as part of Dbus taking over more and more desktop functionality and clients randomly crashing/livelocking/… when Dbus was rightfully not there.

    In that sense I have slightly better experience carving away at Xorg internals. Now that the repository is basically static, its build system been refactored and the -protocols mess slowly resolving in distributions, it seems reasonable to just fork+remove some 60-80% more of Xorgs code base and only have it as a null-filesystem, stdio-pledged, protocol service process.

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      I would be interested in looking at Krh’s code, if it’s still around.

      All the other projects I looked at similar to this (including the stuff Tk uses in-tree) are significantly less advanced than Xlibe already is, it seems, so I am already in “uncharted territory” as far as I’m aware. But none of them tried to implement GLX or anything of that sort, so that does sound like it got much further.

      So far I haven’t hit any critical roadblocks. The strange problems I have encountered so far have either already been resolved, or I haven’t really investigated them yet; but at least I haven’t encountered anything irresolvable.

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          At least as far as I can tell, my Xlibe has already well surpassed this in terms of maturity, too, despite how far I still have to go. CSX does appear to be more complete than anything else I found save Tk’s code, though.