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I made a small web-based SSH client to play Nethack. With the ?retro=true param, you can have a nice old-school terminal style.

You can access it here https://nethack.glitch.me/?retro=true

By default, it’s connecting to nethack.alt.org (NAO) server, but there’s the ?host=...&user=... param so you can connect to anywhere else, for example, to Hardfought server: https://nethack.glitch.me/?host=hardfought

If you’re interested, you can access the source code (ugly POC style) here https://glitch.com/edit/#!/nethack

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    I get this. Took a quick look at the inspector, but it revealed nothing of use—I guess the rendering is done all in js, and I don’t care to look any further. This is in firefox on linux; in chrome, the text is legible, though ugly.

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      hey, thanks for trying. by any chance you blocked something like webfont in your browser? the rendering is done by the xterm.js library btw.

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        No glitches, but this is basically unreadable

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        Slightly off topic: That “striped” pattern on the background causes migraines in people like me. (it’s the stripes, not movement or anything)