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    Very cool, but I think it’s a little telling that it isn’t written in ML.

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      Rust is an ML. Just not with classic syntax.

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        The point remains, though. Rust or OCaml have that tooling self-hosted, and having tooling written in a different language does induce reasonable doubt in the viability of the language.

        I’m not saying that SML is non-viable, only that self-hosted tooling looks reassuring to potential users, and lack of it definitely causes question as to why is it so.

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          I believe this is basically the most important innovation of Rust.

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        Pleasantly surprised to see a standalone implementation. Was expecting it to tie into an implementation’s runtime compiler, something like polyml’s IDE protocol[0]. Tooling for SML is most welcome.

        [0] https://www.polyml.org/documentation/IDEProtocol.html