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    Why does he read multiple books in parallel?

    I try to restrict myself to not start new book while reading others.

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      I can’t speak for the author but there are many reasons why you would read many books in parallel. I right now read about 5 or 6 books in parallel.
      2 novels: Depending on how captivating the novel is you can loose interest for a while. While reading freedom (jonathan franzen) I finished a large portion of the book in a few sittings but loosing interest (but not completly) when reading about the son. The previous descriptions of the son where more interesting than the son itself.

      I also read 2 “technical” books “The information” (James Gleick) and “Vergessene Erfindungen: Geniale Ideen und was aus ihnen wurde” (Christian Mähr). The latter one is a listing of interesting inventions that never came to fruition and can be read chapter independent. I read this on the train while traveling for work or at night in the hotel.

      So tldr books for different occasions or lost interest in a book (but not completely) are two good reasons to read multiple books. (Text books are exspecially good for this when you learn multiple things over a period of time)

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        I like to see a topic addressed from multiple angles. Usually I just try to pick a theme, without literally covering the same topic but that’s how it turned out this time. Some events are characterized the same way, others are not.

        If I tried to read the same books sequentially, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t read them all.

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          I’d recommend rereading Soul of a New Machine. I digested it as an audiobook, and while it took me a while, it gave a clear technical side understanding as well as a firm grasp on the politics. I would say it was clear the non Eagle option was not instruction set compatible, but it had the A Team and people were used to switching instruction sets when upgrading so it hadn’t crossed their minds. That’s part of why Eagle was such an awesome project.