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    @geshan Your articles seem nicely written and laid out, and with good diagrams and examples, but it’s not clear who they’re useful for, or what your experience level is. This article may be useful for a junior developer working on a single server LAMP app, but for most other people it’s far too simplistic and doesn’t cover interesting migration cases; likely teams will have their own specific environments to plan for and/or will be using libraries/tools that will dictate some of the steps and workflow.

    You may want to focus on an area that you are an expert in, where you can write original content that most people can learn something new from, or if you’re not an expert in a subject you can still write valuable articles by researching and compiling the best current knowledge on that subject. The other option of just writing stuff at a low technical level which is well covered by other content at much more advanced technical levels (e.g. mysql migration practices) even if it’s prettily presented, doesn’t make content that will have a very large or engaged audience.

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      Thanks, James, I would keep some of it in mind.