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Recent post ‘If programming languages were futurama characters’ was tagged ‘satire’. It does not seem to be satirising anything, though; probably, ‘satire’ was only applied because it was humorous. This seems to indicate an unsatisfied need.

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    I wonder if it shouldn’t be off topic, because it’s not use and the internet is full with places to get tech and programming humor. I’d like to see lobste.rs stay more focused and think that actual satire is the maximum making sense.

    I think it might also help a bit with preventing b the comments to be filled with humor.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like humor and I’m also a fan of Easter eggs, but I also think that the amount of purely humorous content should not be raised and the satire tag should be only actual satire..

    While it would be possible to filter that tag I worry about two things. One is that what if an article that explains stuff in s humorous way or is a funny anecdote, with interesting content. The other is the mentioned upvoting of funny comments, once we established that funny things are on topic.

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      I’d go with “funny” just to avoid a “humor vs humour” debate.

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        And to avoid cultivating a subcommunity of humorism proponents? :)

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          The obvious compromise is “humur” to annoy everyone. ;)

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            It’s humorous to think that people waste time on debating UK vs US spelling when having a localised interface should be the answer both sides strive for.

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            To make a tag suggestion stick, you’ll have to find more examples than just one. What other recent or not so recent submissions would benefit from a humou?r tag?

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              Sure. I looked at the list of recently submitted posts tagged ‘satire’. I found 2x satire; 2x unclear; 1x about satire (but not itself satirical); 4x humorous (including one by a site admin, and one with a comment that the tag may have been unsuitable).

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                Maybe we can just rename satire to humour? It seems like a fairly slow tag anyways and I imagine that there is a lot of similar content and preferences between these two.

                That being said renaming breaks urls and stuff so many we can document that the “satire” tag includes all humour?

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              I’m not in favour. I like the fact that lobsters doesn’t have much humour on it so I would rather it not be encouraged too much. The amount of satire here suffices for me.

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                Maybe dependently tagged? Or a feeling/tone augmented tag? In the spirit of “if it ain’t on the list, it probably shouldn’t be posted here”, a ‘humor’ category probably shouldn’t stand on its own–which likely applies to ‘satire’ as well.

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                  I am for setting certain tags to be disallowed if they are on their own, and if so, I’d be ok with “humor”.

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                    This is potentially problematic. I make a post tagged “humor” + “satire”; is this valid?

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                      I’m not the type theorist there, surely there’s a way around that?

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                        That’s why I brought it up but perhaps a separate tone tag: “humor”, “satire”, “academic”, “beginner-friendly”, etc.

                        type Tag = Tuple (NonEmptySet TopicTag) (Set ToneTag)
                        data TopicTag = Rust | Haskell | etc.
                        data ToneTag = Humor | Academic | etc.


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                          Actually this ain’t half bad. This would make posts impossible to construct without a valid topic tag and keeping tone isolated as well as topic/tone tags unique. Without a larger contextual understanding, I see nothing wrong with this structure as a product type to describe Tags.