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/u/caius hasn’t posted this thread yet this week, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it up ?

This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Be descriptive, and don’t hesitate to ask for help!

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      I released my rewrite of pow in go. Now I want to spend some time and add some apache style proxying features to it.

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      Learning Haskell through Chris Allen’s book. It’s going well as the book is great and full of exercises. On the side, I’m building some simple libraries for Elixir and thinking about learning distributed systems.

      At work we’re just porting some old website pages to the new React SPA. Not exciting but it’s so mechanical I just listen to podcasts or videos all day.

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      I’ve been looking at my backup strategy (inspired by this post), and doing CS tutoring while I wait to move to Munich for my new job. Doing tutoring has been really helpful for me, apart from the financial incentive, it keeps me on my toes, and gives me an excuse to code up some algorithms and datastructures that I wouldn’t normally spend time on.

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      $WORK just stepped up big time, and I need to step up big time. Trying to be as focused and efficient as I can because it’s really not possible (or at least not wise) to work harder at this point.

      $PERSONAL I’m intrigued by shell scripts at the moment. I’ve had a couple of small needs that I was able to fill with sh instead of Python and already my brain is telling me to seek guruhood.

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      Working on my first Angular project at work, it’s actually much nicer to use than I expected it to be. Still wary of the idea of rendering things on the client though…

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      (@Kel thanks for posting! Definitely benefits the community when someone remembers it’s Monday, and this week that wasn’t me ?)

      I got the boat sailable this weekend for definite, but by the time I’d fettled the last couple of things the wind had died down too much to actually bother launching ? Two more weekends left of the sailing season, determined to get her on the water if there’s any wind at all.

      At work I’m playing with our prototype triton cluster, figuring out answers to a few queries we have around different processes (workflows) and how that changes vs our existing standalone SmartOS hypervisors. Exciting stuff, and really loving Triton unifying so much of the grunt work already.

      Outside of work I’m still tinkering with the Apple Watch app I started prototyping a couple of weeks ago. Figured out how to get it working both in the Simulator and on my actual watch, which was a ballache in itself. (It’s to solve me wanting a quick way to enter my weight / body fat measurements after standing on my dumb scales.) This week I’d like to get it to the point I can enter my weight from my wrist, with a confirmation screen and possibly have it save back to the health database as well. (I foresee that bit being trickiest.) Also need to throw it on GitHub, because why not.

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        Why not setup a bot which posts the thread every week?

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          it’d take a lot of weeks to claw back the time spent writing a bot that we could just spend writing posts :)

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      I finally released monomorphist, a kind of hosted devtool abstracting some of the work required to trace JavaScript code on node/V8.

      This week will be my last week before starting a new full-time job, so I’ll spend most of it putting the most time-consuming open source projects I maintain in a state of low-maintainance hibernation.

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      Implementing stuff with CoAP, (think of it as http over UDP for the Internet of Things)

      Trying to make the programmatic interface to it as friendly as it can be.

      API design is hard…… Very few people get it right.

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      $WORK: With Thanksgiving coming up in the US, I’m tackling a small project: get some notifications out of my newly minted email inbox and into the company slack. A lot of the developers were unaware about how many alerts their code was generating. While I’m still expected to answer the pages in the evening, at least now it’s visible to them as well.

      $PERSONAL: GAMES! In DOTA2, the Summit 6 tournament has just wrapped up. I missed some of it due to other games, so I’ll be catching up on it in hype and preparations for the Boston Major in a few weeks. In Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet has just launched the newest chapter of their living world story, A Crack in The Ice, just a couple hours ago. I’m working, so I’ll be playing that extensively tonight. And, Pokemon Sun & Moon was just released last Friday. I spent all weekend playing it, and I plan on playing a ton more over the extended Thanksgiving weekend too. Per tradition, my brother got one (Moon) and I got the other (Sun).

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      Working on my lisp compiler. Finally got named functions working over the weekend, so I’ll probably work on adding closures this week.

      Also working through the Little Schemer in some of my spare time and further realizing how freaking cool lisp really is.

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      I’m writing some Java for our data manipulation and analysis pipeline, and, much like my experience with C++11 last summer, this language is much, much nicer than the 1.4 version I had to struggle with at iTunes. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but the tooling is so good that I can forgive the pissweak type system and the ugly standard library, to some degree.

      Otherwise, I’m very close to just giving up on running macOS under qemu on my big box and instead spending my time getting the damn thing to boot natively. Alternately, I guess I could try again to live under Windows for a while, but if ZFS on OS X is stable, I don’t think I’m quite ready yet.

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      Trying to get a new parser generator out the door and usable.