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I know many of you are way more experienced than I am, but you could share this guide with your friends frontend developers. ;) Thank you!

Twitter thread: https://mobile.twitter.com/romanzolotarev/status/985100063847387138

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    If FreeBSD or OpenBSD had a first class Docker port, I’d be using BSD for everything. I tried using one of the Docker betas. A lot of stuff worked, but it was so old I couldn’t connect to it with a lot of other docker clients/libraries and it really shot down what I could do.

    I ended up using FreeBSD for my VPN and Ubuntu for my Docker server:


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      From my experience (just few months really) Docker and OpenBSD follow pretty different philosophies. Not sure it’s a good combination.

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        You mean the CLI to connect to a Linux VM in vmd which runs the containers like docker-machine on OS X and Windows? I haven’t tried it but that could work on OpenBSD. A real, native port does not sound likely as Docker makes extensive user of Linux kernel features which are just not there in OpenBSD at least. Not sure how much of docker compatibility could be build upon FreeBSD jails.

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          There was an effort to get Docker running natively on FreeBSD. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated in years and is still at version 1.8:


          But when I tried it, I could get images to pull and run and work fairly well.

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          I’ve heard, but have not tested, that people on OpenBSD use VMM to spin up Alpine and then run docker images from there. Granted you cannot actually run a swarm like that, but if you absolutely need to run a docker image, it could be a solution for a developer machine.