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    For the longest time, I’ve wanted some kind of an interactive tutorial simulator for tmux. Do as a website or do it as a command line thing that either wraps around Tmux for implements just enough of it to guide the user on rails through a tutorial not unlike the beginning of a video game that make sure that the user knows all of the controls by exercising them. Tmux is one of those powerful tools that I go through phases of using. I’ll use it for a couple of weeks and then I won’t have a solid reason to use it for a few months and I’ll forget everything that I had learned in those couple of weeks.

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      vim + tmux is a crucial part of my workflow. I can’t imagine a day without it. It’s so powerful I can work on nearly anything from using just a smartphone (comfortably!) to a big honking server. I can’t find a suitable replacement for it. I’ve tried hard to rotate emacs into my normal workflow but it’s just not the same. You don’t really need to know much beyond:

      • how to split panes
      • how to detach and reattach
      • how to create and navigate different workspaces
      • how to scroll/cut/copy/paste
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        how to scroll/cut/copy/paste

        This I find awkward to do to in tmux. It doesn’t help that the keys are clunky on non qwerty keyboards

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          Don’t forget you can configure the keybindings.

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            As far as I could tell, the most recent versions of tmux broke the ability to just pass through the scrollback to my terminal and so you have to use tmux for it. This was the thing that persuaded me to switch away. My windowing system is already capable of displaying multiple windows. My terminal emulator is already capable of providing large (effectively unbounded) scrollback, of allowing me to select and copy an arbitrary chunk of that scrollback, and of displaying tabs that it can pull off into windows (or reattach) as necessary. I don’t need something else providing a subset of that functionality in a way that doesn’t integrate well with the host system.

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            Have you tried tmux-yank?

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            Tmuxinator makes tmux management so much easier for me.

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          Anyone here tried zellij instead?

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            Yeah, I like where it’s going, but it was pretty buggy back when I tried it, lots of flickering and stuttering. Also, the default theme is pretty bloated, although it is customizable.

            I have high hopes for its future, but I’m sticking with tmux for now.

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            I’m curious, do people have a workflow they like for nested tmux? I like to use it locally and remotely over ssh, but haven’t found a nice config that let’s me fluidly move between tabs on both the local and remote side.

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              I’ve been wondering what to do about this as well. I’ve read that some terminals (e.g., WezTerm and Kitty) have built-in support for remote multiplexing without the use of a multiplexer, but I haven’t gotten around to trying any myself.

              Can anybody in this thread speak to whether it’s worth reimplementing my tmux config to migrate to such an alternative?